Friday, March 16, 2012


Welcome to the Writer's Corner for writers. ^_^

 I know most writers have their own blogs, this would not be something you would have to post on ever week. I’m bad at blogging, so I wouldn’t post very often. (You could post once a year for all I care. :P)

What this blog would do, is serve as a place for writers to post what ever they want. For example, once a month, (on the third Friday of every month.) I’ll post questions and then answer them. Like the title of today’s, What is a writer?, and then I’ll list what a writer is. Writers could also post excerpts from their writings, poems, or songs, funny things that happen while writing (funny writing stories), or definitions of writing words. Or whatever else that is writing related.  Any one who writes is allowed to post here.

Although, I do have a few guide lines. One, what ever is posted must be appropriate for anyone of any age to read. And two, I want to honor the Lord with this blog. It’s just a fun blog for writers to, well, have fun, and to be themselves.

 Also, for those of you who are already part of this, please make a label for yourself, so when you post something, it'll be easier to find. . For example: for a novel excerpt, I would put, 'novel, kiehl' because it is part of my novel and I wrote it. :) (If you need an further example, look at this label) 

If you want to join, please leave a comment. Who knows if anyone will actually read our crazy blog, but who cares? I think it would be fun to do, even if we ourselves are the only ones reading it. So, with that said, do I have any takers? And to answer your question, this blog will be crazy. Writers are a lot of fun to read because we don’t always make sense. :P (no, I’m not putting down writers, all of my writing friends are awesome.)

Oh, please pass this on. Anyone is invited to this. :)

~ Kiehl 

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